Hostel address: Pl. na Groblach 8, 31-101 Krakow Email: Phone: +48 12 429 47 23 SMS: +48 600 80 50 48

Your cheap, clean and friendly Kraków hostel – and your guide to the real city behind the tourist clichés.


Book your dorm bed or private room right now over email, live chat, Gmail talk, or by phone. So many options!
You can also make a reservation online with a credit or debit card (although you can also reserve without paying).


Private rooms from 12 €.
per person
That's less than the average sandwich
in Rotterdam!


Located right in Kraków's old city center (about 7 minutes by foot to the main square).
We're a short walk to pretty much everywhere exciting in the city. (Boring places are slightly farther away and you might have to take a bus.)


We offer deep discounts for groups, plus lots of free help organizing your visit before and after you arrive.
It's almost disturbing how helpful we are, actually.

We're an unusually cozy and companionable hostel, but we can also be your guide to the “real” Kraków, not the Kraków of search engine robots or ugly tourist brochures.

1. In many ways we are just your ordinary hostel with decent prices, clean comfortable beds and a convenient location and some common free extras like free Wi-Fi which is not uncommon in Kraków (more here).

2. What sets us apart, however, is the experience you'll get with us – a chance to taste the real Kraków, an experience that's more local than tourist. We'll point the way to our favorite places (milk bars, flee markets, cozy bookstores and other overlooked treasures) that go beyond the obligatory tourist stops. We know the city very well and our staff can help you find virtually anything you're looking for.


Join our free walking tours to the Podgórze or Nowa Huta districts, two parts of the city which are full of history and modern surprises but are too often overlooked by visitors. Scramble up the Krakus mound with our guides to have a look at the city's panorama, or dine on cheap and tasty pierogi in the central square of a failed worker's paradise.

krakow kit

From sweaty discos to quiet cafés, we know this city pretty well. We've put a lot of our favorite places together in this guide to give you a litte sample of Kraków. You can view it as a Google map or download a PDF copy of it right here. Or, stop by the hostel to pick up your very own copy printed on good old-fashioned paper which is made from trees and can be used later to wrap fish in


If you're tired of walking and want to expand the range of what you can explore, feel free to take one of our free bikes to explore Kraków yourself. Check out some routes we've suggested for exploration, or strike out adventurously on your own.

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